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Showcase of some released as well as unreleased titles.

The Last Hero

AR Tower defense

Furious Run

Infinite Runner

Smash Wars

2D Fighting

Bumper Cars

Local Multiplayer

Pilot X

Tower Defense

Love Buds

Relaxing Musical

Smart Hide Calculator

Hide media, apps etc

Just Swipe

Relaxing Musical

Digital Art and Sketches

ZBrush, Blender etc.


The path to existence.

  • 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    IDSstudio first started developing apps for android in 2013, The first app launched was Smart Hide Calculator followed by a small utility app 4-way boot.

  • 2014

    Success Time

    Smart Hide Calculator - The app disguised as fully functional calculator, with the ability to hide and unhide installed apps, pictures, videos, documents, etc. was an imense hit, crossing over 1 million downloads.

  • August 2014

    Transition to Game Studio with a new logo

    IDSstudio shifted its focus from developing utility apps for android to making multiplatform games with Ship Up, Swipe Up and Furious Run seeing the light of day ever since.

  • Since then

    Lots of prototyping

    We have experimented with lots of new technologies like AR and brought to life many different ideas via various prototypes.

  • A lot


People converting ideas to reality.

Inderdeep Singh

Lead Developer

Currently IDSstudio is a indie developer company but we plan to expand exponentially.

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